Friday, August 8, 2008

The Rise and Fall of…Twitter?

Ahoy-hoy. Am now back in town after my 2-week family vacation Back East and just feeling fine.

Today's video is for all you über fanatics of Web 2.0 communications tools out there, especially the Twitter hopeless tweet-aholics know who you are.

This parody of a scene from the film Downfall is a fairly popular Internet meme (just check out YouTube for Hitler Gets Banned, etc) but this *Twittler* version struck me as extra-funny and just right for a re-posting here.

Thanks to John Biggs for originally posting on his TechCrunch blog. Just remember, it's supposed to be a joke, and totally about Twitter NOT Hitler. So please keep that in mind before you post a negative comment or send me some nastygram email messages.

On with the show…