Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two Men Enter...One Man Leaves.

Apologies for the title as it will remind some readers of what is quite possibly the worst-ever sequel in the history of Hollywood filmmaking. I mean, exactly how did someone like the Tina Turner character end up running a town in post-apocalyptic Australia, anyway?

Movie criticisms aside, the line is actually appropriate because tonight I am proud to introduce you to the official Web site for the Search Engine Rap Battle series, where the leaders in the space attempt to solve their disputes Old rapping!

Now I think this will be much more entertaining if you have previously seen Eminem's 8 Mile, but even if not there is still a laugh or two in there regardless.

The video below leads off with an MSN vs Google showdown and includes the soon-to-be classic line "...cuz all your search results say 'Search Wikipedia'…" but be sure to check out the MSN vs Yahoo! faceoff as well and then wrap it all up with the Google vs Yahoo! finale here.

And in keeping with the overall theme, it is an absolute must for me to also highlight this "Paid Search 101" video from the infamous SEO Rapper, whose messages are just right in a funny-because-it-is-true kind of way...hope you enjoy it.

Aiight? Then I’m Audi, like 5000…until next time.