Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't Believe The Hype.

Recently read a very *official-seeming* article, squarely placing the blame for the recent global economic woes on increased levels of Twitter usage. Took a while for me to catch on but turns out it was actually a satrical piece, mimicking the style of The Onion and really quite entertaining in the end.

Those readers of this blog who are more “tuned in” than the rest of us may have already seen it…but for anyone who hasn’t yet, you definitely need to take a look at this:

Harvard Economist Blames Twitter for Down Economy

Speaking of economic concerns…with all due apologies to Admiral Farragut, I can honestly say there are many reasons these days to simply say "Damn the Torpedoes Economic Downturn, Full Steam Ahead!" and especially so recently since I don’t really see much evidence lately that companies are scaling back their hiring activity in any significant way.

Case in point: tonight I am sharing two really awesome Sales and Marketing roles that recently arrived into my email in-box via my personal network. So if you know of any Qualified & Interested candidates please hit me up ASAP so I can connect the right people with my hiring contacts.

And remember, when it comes to what the media is telling you, always keep eyes / ears open and believe in what you know to be true…just
don’t believe the hype.

***Online Media Sales Rock Star***
A leading Entertainment-focused online media portal has an immediate need for a true *superstar* online media sale executive. If you fit the profile of a “…seasoned, driven & entrepreneurial online media sales pro” then this could the right opportunity for you.

> Additional Info:
* The ideal candidate has at least 3-5 years of online media sales experience as well as a strong base of existing Media Planner and Buyer contacts via agency and/or client-direct
* Applicants should be experienced in successfully selling the Entertainment (ie. Music, Movie, Video, Celebrity) category
* Applicants should have experience with developing creative revenue-generating client solutions, integrated online media and content deals
* Employer definitely has a startup profile and culture versus a Corporate environment, although the organization does have multiple offices in the US and also overseas
* This role would appeal to candidates with an entrepreneurial mindset, possibly preparing to move out of a bigger online media firm (corporate environment) and into a smaller, more nimble (startup) area
* Compensation package is very attractive, with solid "market-competitive" base salary and opportunity to earn $150K+ OTE

***Senior Vice President, Marketing***
Flex your marketing muscles as a top executive with this global Technology/Software company. Reporting to the CEO, the ideal candidate possesses demonstrated success with corporate marketing in the tech space and has also lead a team of marketers.

> Additional Info:
* The ideal candidate offers a minimum of fifteen years' experience of progressive career growth as a marketer within the software and/or high-tech industries
* The ideal candidate also offers a minimum of 5 years' experience in a senior management capacity
* Applicants will be able to outline a Been There, Done That track record (with Tier 1 industry leaders) and communicate their commitment to career advancement in pursuing this senior Marketing Leadership role


  1. What companies would you recommend taking a closer look at (...for a Biz Dev/Sales guy who was recently down sized)?


  2. Hmm, kind of a broad one here...first off, the good news for you is the fact that sales & biz dev people are almost always in demand.

    Addressing your Where To Look question, for starters would really depend on the type of Biz Dev/Sales abilities you offer, ie. the specific industry verticals where you can best make a contribution to an organization.

    As examples, online media, software and technology are consistently strong employment areas. But I firmly believe talented people can always “recover” from the setback of a layoff, regardless of their industry.

    Solid prospecting and networking skills play a part in any successful job search...however those activities should (in theory) be somewhat less challenging for someone with a Biz Dev profile than they would be for candidates without a sales-related background. Am I right?

    Thank-you for the comment, Remy.

    Stay positive.

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  4. I really enjoy this blog...sadly you dont continu ewith updating, would be so great so read more from you :)